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in Shows, | March 12, 2016

Hey There!

Tons of great stuff happening in San Diego these next couple of weeks!

Dan Padilla's last show, April 2nd at the Casbah. W/Toys That Kill, Pretty Boy Thorson, Tiltwheel, Vena Cava, Low Culture, Madison Bloodbath, Bertos, Prince, Old Vices, Turkish Techno, Spokenest, Santa Ana Knights, Too Many Daves and Behind the Wagon! Damn!

Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout Records, will be at the shop on April 14th to sign, read and discuss his book "How To Ruin A Record Label". Come in before hand and get a copy so you can ask all sorts of great and interesting questions. We will hopefully have coffee and donuts too.

La Escalera Records celebrates their 5th year anniversary with a three day fest between San Diego and Tijuana. Ok, here are all of the bands: Bad Cop/Bad Cop, DFMK, Caskitt, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Signalman, Black Dots, Castoff, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Get Dead, Heartsounds, Shell Corporation, Civil War Rust, Ray Carlisle, Western Settings, Bastards of Young, From Scars, Squarecrow, Sic Waiting, Adder, Sledding With Tigers, Dan Gardner, Tiltwheel, No Talent, 22 Missiles, Beside Myself and Dudes Night. Sonofagun that's a lot. We're going to be selling tickets at the shop, so come and get em, they are limited! Day Passes: Friday-$10, Saturday-$13. Weekend Pass: $18.

And of course we've been getting records and games and movies in so come by sometime and check out the new stuff!

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