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New Website

in Records, Website, Update | January 15, 2016

Hey we have a new website and a blog! This is our first post. I don't know how to write words good, but I'm gonna try. 

Yeah, so thanks to our friends Kieran and Lucas at Mission Bay Media we have a whole new website! I've been a little slow at sending them information, so some things might be a little off or in languages that don't exist. 

Thursday we restocked around a hundred records and got a few new ones in too! Finally got around to getting some more Topshelf records in, most notably the new Toe album. Also picked up the new Dyke Drama and High Dive LPs on Salinas. And the new Haybaby on Tiny Engines! 

We're waiting on some Norton records to come in and the Lucero "Tennessee" reissues! Should be in by the end of next week!

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