About Red Brontosaurus Records

Hi! We're a bunch of dummies who really like having stuff. Mostly Records, Video Games and Movies! We started out a student run co-op LINK where our main goal was to give fair prices on quality products for the students and staff. Now we have a dirty little store in North Park where we do the same thing. We are always looking for new products and pay pretty decent prices for them. Come on by sometime! Follow us on Social Media for updates or check our blog below!

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Some of Our Favorite Records

Knight Skool

Santa Ana Knights

Santa Ana Knights ...

Baptized In Beer 7

Midnight Eagle

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Nailed It LP

Christ Killer

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Night Tower 7ep

They Feed At Night/Bell Tower Bats

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    People love us on Yelp

    • Finally—a record store that carries new music I listen to. I've had such a hard time finding a record store in San Diego that sells punk / hardcore. Great selection, pretty great prices, loud music playing, and friendly dude working there.

      From user Erich O. on Yelp
    • Awesome little shop. I was very impressed by the broad spectrum of classic video games they have, which include super rare game cartridges, peripherals, and systems - some of which have the original boxes and paperwork.

      From user Tommy L. on Yelp
    • We love this place! Great record selection, helpful friendly staff, DVDs, video games and consoles! What more can you ask for?

      From user Aurora R. on Yelp
    • This place is perfect. Most record stores in San Diego really only have a focus on indie rock and overpriced thrift store records. I collect punk and hardcore on vinyl and up until now I've had to order anything that I was specifically looking for on eBay or directly for the label. A lot of stores have a decent selection of the fundamental older bands like Black Flag and Misfits and such but when it comes to more obscure bands or more recent bands, it's often not even worth looking.... Then I went here.

      From user Ian B. on Yelp

    Blog Posts

    Blogs are hard

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    Tons of great stuff happening in San Diego these next couple of weeks!

    Dan Padilla's last show, April 2nd at the Casbah. W/Toys That Kill, ...

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    Missed the monster jam, what a bummer.

    The 15th Anniversary issue of Razorcake came in last week. Which means they've covered everything that's happened in this ...

    New Website

    Hey we have a new website and a blog! This is our first post. I don't know how to write words good, but I'm ...

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